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2008 Election Analysis:

Anti-Immigrant Ads Don’t Add Up in 2008
December 12, 2008

What the 2008 Elections Mean For the Future of Immigration Reform
Memo to Congress, by Frank Sharry Updated January 28, 2009

Republicans: Fenced In By Immigration
20 Pro-Reform Candidates Beat Hard-Liners in 22 Battleground House and Senate Races
Updated December 3, 2008

The Power of the Latino Vote in the 2008 Election
October 14, 2008 


Rep. Steve King on Immigration: He Still Doesn’t Get It
December 12, 2008

New Survey of Latino Voters Finds Challenges for Both Parties on Immigration
November 26, 2008

Sen. Reid Highlights Plans for Immigration Reform
November 24, 2008

America’s Voice Statement on Governor Janet Napolitano as DHS Secretary
November 20, 2008

On Immigration: Progress or Paralysis?
November 19, 2008

Obama and McCain Discuss Bipartisan Plans, Agree on Immigration Reform
November 17, 2008

Immigration Matters:  The Experts Weigh In on the Election and Beyond
November 13, 2008

How the GOP Fenced Itself in on Immigration
November 12, 2008

Latino Vote Fueling Republican Introspection
November 11, 2008

Latin American Immigrant Voters Swing from Republicans to Democrats
November 7, 2008

Latinos Flex Political Muscle
Novembe 5, 2008

By the Numbers: Key Information About the Latino Vote
November 4, 2008

The Latino Vote ‘08: What to Look For
November 3, 2008 

Turning Point: Immigration Issue Drives Historic Latino Turnout
October 29, 2008

New Report: Immigrant and Latino Voters Could Prove Decisive in the 2008 Election
October 14, 2008

Immigration: Not Under-the-Radar to Latino Voters
October 08, 2008

The Greatest Story Never Told
September 12, 2008




Immigration2007.org wasan effort to catalogue how and where the immigration issue played in the 2007 election cycle. In 2006, immigration was hotly debated in almost all of the competitive House and Senate races and even several gubernatorial races as well. In the end, the Republican Party (which in the main had been responsible for attack ads on the issue) was unable to use immigration to counter a rising Democratic tide, a tide that proved even stronger in the end than most pundits had anticipated. In 2007 and in the wake of Congress’ failure to address this issue, immigration continued to come up in races at the federal level (the Massachusetts 5 special election) and state legislative races, most notably in Virginia. The site provided real time analysis of how the issue played out and some perspective on lessons learned.