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Things You Can Do to Help Pass Immigration Reform

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Looking for a way that YOU can help pass immigration reform?  Check out our list below.  Please try any or all of the options–we need to keep showing Congress that the #TimeIsNow to pass reform!



Town hall meetings are a traditional way to get face-to-face time with your Member of Congress.  You can view a list of coming events near your hometown here.  If you hear about an event that’s not on our list, please let us know here.



If you use Twitter, you can tweet at your member of Congress to support immigration reform.  Don’t know the Twitter handle of your Member of Congress?  Use our Twitter tool here and just plug in your zip code.



The traditional method of showing support for an issue is still one of the most effective.  In this petition, we’re asking House Speaker John Boehner to give us a vote on immigration reform.  We have more than enough votes to pass immigration reform with citizenship through the House–but Boehner won’t give us a vote because a majority of House Republicans don’t support it.  It’s up to us to change his mind.



A letter to the editor printed in your local newspaper will almost certainly be seen by your Member of Congress, and is as effective as making 20 phone calls!  Use our tool here to draft a letter and send it to your local paper.



The Capitol Hill switchboard number is: 888-787-9658.  Many offices on Capitol Hill still use the number of calls they receive about an issue as a metric of how much support there exists for/against an issue.  Help us keep their phone lines ringing off the hook!  Once you dial the number and connect to the Capitol switchboard, just tell them which Member of Congress’ office you want to speak to and they’ll patch you through!