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About America's Voice

America’s Voice stands with the majority of Americans who support real, comprehensive immigration reform. We are joined by leaders from the law enforcement, local government, business, labor, civil rights, and faith communities who agree that Congress should restore the integrity of the nation’s immigration system.

Opponents of reform offer no ideas beyond building a border fence. They have consistently misinformed the public, and have offered no solutions. Americans don’t want endless debate. They want action.

Our goal is to create the public momentum for reforms that will transform a dysfunctional immigration system into a regulatory system that works. To achieve this, we conduct cutting edge public opinion research, perform rapid response communications in English and Spanish, and support courageous leaders who are standing up for real immigration reform.



We believe sensible immigration reform legislation should combine the following elements to secure the border and reduce illegal immigration:

  • A program that requires those here illegally to get on the right side of the law by passing background checks, studying English, paying taxes, and working towards full U.S. citizenship.
  • Reunification of families separated by outdated immigration laws.
  • A commission to regulate the future flow of employment-based immigration so that workers’ rights are protected and honest businesses can compete.
  • A crackdown on unscrupulous employers who hire undocumented workers and break labor laws to undermine their law-abiding competitors.
  • Smart and professional border enforcement, conducted in consultation with border communities.
  • Reform of current immigration enforcement practices, including the right to fair proceedings, humane treatment of immigration detainees, and respect for community policing.
  • Reduction of migration pressures in “sending countries” over time.


Frank Sharry
Founder and Executive Director

Lynn Tramonte
Deputy Director

Patty Kupfer
Program Managerr

Maribel Hastings
Senior Advisor

Matt Hildreth
Manager of Online Organizing

Mahwish Khan
New Media Associate

Van Le
Program Associate

Dara Lind
Program Associate

Adam Luna
Political Director

Eric Norrby
Operations Director

María Ponce
Program Associate

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