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Tell President Obama to Stop the Raids!

President Obama’s immigration agents are raiding homes in some parts of the country, trying to deport certain families who have fled violence in Central America. The raids are creating panic and fear in communities across the country. This is unacceptable! Tell President Obama to stop the home raids targeting immigrant families today!

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The Obama Administration has ordered the deportation of immigrant families fleeing violence in Central America, putting the lives of children and their parents in danger.

Over the last couple of weeks, President Obama has apprehended over 100 immigrant mothers and children – all of whom will be deported back to countries racked by rampant violence.

Representative Luis Gutierrez recently called President Obama’s raids “a cruel reminder of a discredited policy,” while the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has deemed them as “inhumane” and “traumatizing” practices that do not represent the values of our country.

President Obama’s home raids are terrorizing communities and trampling on the civil rights of immigrants who fear for their lives if they are deported.

Tell President Obama to all off home raids targeting immigrant families today! This is an ugly stain on his legacy, and one that has to end!