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ICE is About to Deport a Local Dreamer!

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Call Congressman Hurd now

Felipe is detained even though he has active DACA status. Help us get him out.



Felipe is  20 years old and was driving with his undocumented family when they were pulled over by ICE. He is now detained at the South Texas Detention Complex even though he has an active DACA status.

Felipe has a prosthetic leg and when he sought help for pain at the detention facility, a guard mocked him.

Felipe is a DACA beneficiary and should not be in detention! If we want to get Felipe out, then we must call Congressman Will Hurd and ask him to help Felipe immediately.

Dial (210) 784-5023

When you are connected you can say:

Hi, I’m calling to ask that Congressman Hurd demand the immediate release of Felipe Abonza-Lopez. Felipe has been detained for nearly a month, despite the fact that he is a Dreamer who has DACA, and has been taunted by guards for being an amputee and is having severe pain in his leg. Please help release him now!

Then, please use this form to let us know how the call went:

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