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Tell Congress to Defund Trump’s Deportation Force

Donald Trump is requesting billions of dollars in American taxpayer money to pay for his anti-immigrant and xenophobic agenda. Congress must refuse to fund Trump’s border wall, deportation force, and detention camps.

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In the United States, it’s not about what you look like or where you come from that makes you American – we are all equal. But Donald Trump doesn’t agree and has declared war on immigrants and wants taxpayers to foot the bill.

If you think Trump’s current immigration policies are already bad, just imagine what he will do if he gets billions more from Congress. Taxpayer money would be used to build his costly and unnecessary southern border wall. Another $1.2 billion would be spent on immigration enforcement agents and detention beds to detain and deport millions of hard-working immigrants

As Americans, we cannot allow Donald Trump to replace our most cherished values with his xenophobic agenda.

Republicans will need 60 votes to pass any funding bill – and there are only 42 Republicans in the Senate – so Democrats have the power to be the resistance to the Trump agenda.

You can help keep immigrant families together and save American tax dollars by blocking Donald Trump’s border wall and deportation force — but you have to act now. Congress can defund Trump’s mass deportation plan, but they’re not going to do it without a strong public outcry from Americans like you.

Take a stand now and sign this petition telling Congress to block funding for Trump’s deportation force.