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Trump wants to deport Jesus Lara.

Jesus Lara is a longtime Ohio resident, an aspiring American, and the father of four U.S. citizens. Earlier this year, Jesus was told by immigration enforcement authorities that he would be deported back to Mexico due to a traffic infraction from years ago.

Representative Bob Gibbs represents the Lara family in Washington, DC, and his office is looking into the case—but there’s so much more he can do. If we want to stop Jesus’ deportation, then we need leaders in like Congressman Gibbs to use their power to help the Lara family and get ICE to stop this deportation.

If elected officials like Representative Gibbs fail to intervene, Jesus will be deported in just a few weeks.

Jesus is a loving father, taxpayer, homeowner, and valued member of the Willard, Ohio community. He is active in his church and is known as a kind and helpful neighbor. He and his four U.S. Citizen children recently traveled to Washington, DC to meet with congressional offices and build support for his case.

Don’t let Donald Trump deport Eric’s father! Sign his petition urging Representative Bob Gibbs to be a real champion for Jesus and allow him to stay with his family.



Tell Rep. Gibbs to Help Keep This Rural Ohio Family Together. Stop Jesus’s Deportation!

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