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North Carolina Gov. Cooper’s Veto a Victory for Common-Sense Policymaking and Rejection of Divisive Partisan Fear-Mongering

The news that North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has vetoed legislation that would subvert local law enforcement’s authority and force local sheriffs to act as ICE deportation agents is a positive step for pragmatic policymaking and common-sense. As Governor Cooper rightfully noted in a message accompanying his veto, “This legislation is simply about scoring partisan … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Calls on Foundation for the Carolinas to Stop Funding Hate

Yesterday, America’s Voice sent a letter to the board members of the Foundation for the Carolinas regarding its funding of organizations deemed “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Per the Foundation’s financial statements from 2014 until 2017, the foundation has disbursed more than $11 million to groups like the Center for Immigration Studies … Continue reading »

Pili Tobar on Administration’s Unilateral Flores Regulation Changes

“Families and children should be free and in homes with their loved ones, not jailed indefinitely in unsafe and uncertified facilities.” The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, regarding the finalization of the Trump administration’s regulation to allow for more and longer detention of children under weaker standards of … Continue reading »

Trump Administration Finalizes Regulation That Imposes Major New Financial, Health, Age Hurdles On Legal Immigration

More Than Half of Current Immigrants Could be Affected Yesterday, the Trump administration announced that it would publish a final regulation that, according to the Migration Policy Institute, “gives the administration enormous discretion to deny admission to intending immigrants with incomes or financial assets below 250 percent of the poverty line (about $62,000 for a … Continue reading »

New Polls: On Immigration, Strong Majorities Oppose Trump’s Cruelty, Support Positive Solutions

With Trump determined to make racism and xenophobia the animating force of his effort to hold onto political power, two new polls show he is swimming upstream against public opinion.  The Pew poll’s highlights show broad support for pragmatic policies: treat Central Americans with dignity; give them the chance to make their case before a … Continue reading »

Mississippi Raids Leave Trail of Traumatized Children and Families

“Edna Perez, 14, clutches a white stuffed teddy bear that says ‘Jesus Loves Me’ as she thinks about the last time she heard her dad’s voice” Days after a series of raids in Mississippi, resulting in the arrests of 680 immigrant workers, traumatized communities are attempting to pick up the pieces, distraught children and families … Continue reading »

Trump’s Economic Embargo on Venezuela Further Highlights Need for Senate to Pass TPS Legislation 

Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced that he would expand existing sanctions with Venezuela into a full economic embargo, marking an escalation from the expansive measures the US has taken against the Venezuelan government since the start of the country’s political crisis earlier this year. By announcing this embargo, the US government is asserting that Venezuela … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Pushing Back on Trump’s Bad Math and Dehumanizing Cruelty Used to Eviscerate Asylum

As the Trump administration continues to eviscerate asylum protections, several important new pieces draw important contrasts with the administration’s approach and motivations. In the Wall Street Journal, the American Immigration Council’s Aaron Reichlin-Melnick dismantles the falsehood peddled by the Trump team that those seeking asylum do not comply with court appointments. He shows how the … Continue reading »

A Tale of Two Asylum Decisions

One Blocking an Unprecedented Trump Asylum Rule in a Transparent 45-Page Written Opinion and the Other, a new Trump-appointed Judge, Ruling in Favor of the Administration With No Written Opinion Yesterday, two courts reached the opposite decision on whether to temporarily block the latest Trump administration attack on asylum law by regulation. The  regulation in … Continue reading »

Five Key Points on Trump and Immigration

Donald Trump is set to officially kick off his re-election tonight with a rally in Orlando, Florida. Trump, who launched his presidential campaign four years ago by descending a golden escalator and slandering Mexicans as rapists, is set to return to the same playbook of obsessive fear-mongering around immigrants – his xenophobia is the beating … Continue reading »