Send Your Tweet to President Obama

We want to send 1,010 tweets to President Obama — one for every person being deported today and every day. Will you help us meet our goal?

President Obama says he needs to be tough on deportations in order to win Republican support, but Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have made it clear they’re in no rush to pass immigration reform. Our families shouldn’t have to pay the price for their inaction.

We know a permanent solution for our families and the 11 million is inevitable. Whether Republicans pass legislation, or continue stalling until President Obama is forced to use his authority, our families will get relief. But the thing is, our families don’t have the luxury of waiting.

That’s why we’re demanding President Obama help our families now as we continue to pile the pressure on House Republicans. Our families shouldn’t be punished because Washington won’t work. We need President Obama to act now.