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Tell the Foundation for the Carolinas to Stop Funding Hate!


*** Action Alert: Call (704) 973-4500 and tell the Foundation to stop funding hate ***

Here’s what you can say:

“Hi, my name is ___ and I’m a supporter of immigrants and immigrants’ rights. Your foundation does great work in Carolinas communities. But you take money from white supremacists and give it away to hate groups. This shouldn’t be part of your legacy. Please stop.”

After you call, please let us know how the call went. It’s important to us to log each and every call:


The Foundation for the Carolinas ⁠— based in Charlotte, North Carolina ⁠— funds scholarships and invests in community resources.

But it also plays a part in a shadowy anti-immigrant network that is tied to the Trump Administration, Stephen Miller, and awful policies like family separations at the border.

One of the Foundation’s donors is a billionaire named Fred Stanback, who has a long history of supporting groups and individuals who believe that immigrants are inherently inferior and that drastic steps are needed to control global population growth. He has reportedly gifted the Foundation for the Carolinas nearly $400 million dollars, or roughly one fourth of the Foundation’s last filed net assets.

The Foundation turns around and gives millions of dollars of this money to hate groups like the Center for Immigration Studies and the Federation for American Immigration Reform . Both of these groups have played a major role in normalizing bigotry and shaping abusive immigration policy. They are tied to Holocaust deniers and white supremacists. And they are connected to dozens of staffers in the Trump Administration, most notably senior adviser Stephen Miller, who are responsible for anti-immigrant policies like the separation of families and the detention of kids in cages.

We’ve called on the Foundation for the Carolinas to:

  • Stop all funding to organizations that promote anti-immigrant policies;
  • Return to donors any funds designated to anti-immigrant groups in future years;
  • Launch a transparent, independent review of the Foundation for the Carolina’s management and internal controls to ensure this never happens again.

Please call the Foundation for the Carolinas at (704) 973-4500 and tell them to stop funding hate.

Read the letter we sent to the Foundation, below: