Is immigration reform back? Hoping to jump-start a major legislative drive on immigration reform in the U.S. Congress, more than 100 pro-reform House Democrats signed a letter reminding President Obama of his administration's commitment to overhaul immigration. Continue »
With a 79-19 Senate vote, Congress has corrected one of the more draconian immigration policies to be visited upon foreign-born spouses of American citizens. Continue »
Yesterday, on a vote of 79-19 on the conference report on the Department of Homeland Security Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriations bill , the Senate repealed the "widow penalty" – a measure that was enacted 71 years ago, prohibiting a widowed, foreign spouse to file for citizenship (for themselves and... Continue »
Thousands of immigrants came to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for a day of lobbying and an afternoon rally calling for comprehensive immigration reform. The event was timed to the unveiling of an immigration bill by Representative Luis V. Gutierrez, Democrat of Illinois and chairman of the Immigration Task Force of... Continue »
Although President Obama has put off an immigration overhaul until next year, the federal agency in charge of approving visas is planning ahead for the possibility of giving legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, the agency's director said Thursday. Continue »
In another sign that momentum is building towards comprehensive immigration reform, President Obama, in remarks last Friday before Spanish language media outlets reasserted his commitment to immigration reform, saying it is Something we want to move forward on...we're going to have to keep the pressure for... Continue »
Lots of immigration sideshows last week, but here's the big picture: Senator Schumer (D-NY) announced plans to introduce a comprehensive immigration reform bill by Labor Day. According to the Associated Press: "I think we'll have a good bill by Labor Day," said Schumer, D-N.Y. "I think the fundamental building... Continue »
Guest Blogger Nezua: "After postponing twice, President Obama finally met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on June 25 to discuss moving immigration reform legislation forward. The meeting was applauded by activists and advocates for immigration reform, as the issue seemed to have stalled, and the acrimonious tone of... Continue »
Yesterday we were happy to note that the Minnesota Supreme Court ended an 8-month epic legal dispute to determine who would represent the great state of Minnesota in the United States Senate. We were even happier to note that the newest member of the Senate and the Senate... Continue »
Yesterday, the White House hosted a meeting of bipartisan lawmakers from both chambers of Congress to begin the conversation of how to move immigration reform forward this year. Kos, founder of the progressive blog Daily Kos, reports in "Immigration reform headed for passage this year:" "Both the White... Continue »