Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now officially out of the 2024 Republican presidential primary race after his overhyped run for the White House crashed and burned following a distant second-place finish in Iowa last week. There’s no overstating the harm and danger his policies and rhetoric will continue to... Continue »
The next Republican presidential debate is set to take place in Miami, Florida on Nov. 8., where we’ll hear repetitions of the extreme, cruel, and unworkable immigration policies from the previous debates in Wisconsin and California. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will likely try to dominate the night since the... Continue »
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis desperately wants to be president. But with former President Donald Trump continuing to vastly squash him in the GOP primary polls, DeSantis’ strategy has been to try to one-up him on cruelty and racism, particularly on immigration — a very high bar to clear. Despite... Continue »
In chilling remarks meant to make him stand out among the anti-immigrant animus of the 2024 GOP presidential primary field, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week called for violence at our border with Mexico. “If cartels are trying to run product into this country, they’re going to end up... Continue »
An ongoing report of Ron DeSantis’ Anti-Immigrant Activity   Update as of July 26th, 2023 Presidential Campaign Launch  As of May 2023, DeSantis formally announced his unsurprising Presidential run for the 2024 election. The never-ending messaging of going “anti-woke” and pushing extreme anti-immigrant legislation has all played a part... Continue »
S.B.1718, Passed By State Republicans To Aid Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential Aspirations, Targets Families And Workers Integral To Florida’s Economy A coalition of immigrant and civil rights organizations have launched a federal lawsuit against Florida’s anti-immigrant S.B. 1718 law, suing Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and other... Continue »
America’s Voice · La Semana en Inmigración – 5.19.23 ►La relativa calma en la frontera tras el fin de la aplicación del Título 42 ha puesto en perspectiva nuevamente la realidad migratoria en la región, donde si bien se disipó la acumulación humana de los últimos días y semanas... Continue »
El gobernador republicano de Florida, Ron DeSantis, está impulsando un paquete de medidas crueles que se enfocan en las comunidades inmigrantes en todo el estado, que incluye una cláusula que obligaría a las salas de emergencia a recabar el estatus migratorio de los pacientes. Pero esto no lo está haciendo... Continue »
Immigrant, racial justice, and LGBTQ advocates in Florida are warning people to stay away from the state due to the onslaught of hateful laws and proposals pushed by Governor Ron DeSantis and the Republican-controlled state legislature, harkening back to similar warnings issued in the wake of Arizona’s notorious “papers,... Continue »
En la misma semana en que se conmemoró el 55to aniversario del asesinato del líder de los derechos civiles Martin Luther King, Jr. en Memphis, Tenesí, la Cámara de Representantes de Nashville, de mayoría republicana, expulsaba el 6 de abril a dos jóvenes representantes demócratas y afroamericanos. ¿La razón?:... Continue »