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Donald Trump's recent immigration executive orders unleashed the worst political humanitarian crisis in recent US history. Here's how we're fighting back.

Anxious Dreamers Continue Waiting On The Fate Of DACA

As Donald Trump unrolls a series of extreme executive orders targeting immigrants and refugees, DACA recipients continue to wait in anxiety about the future of the program that has allowed them to legally work, pursue higher education, and temporarily live free from the fear of deportation. Despite offering recent empty promises to Dreamers that “we’re … Continue reading »

David Leopold Breaks Down Trump’s Executive Order on Deportations

With the signing of his executive action,  Trump issued an Executive Order, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,” on January 25, 2017, President Donald Trump began building up his Deportation Force and declaring Open Season on immigrants and refugees. Trump is making sweeping, foundational changes to domestic and international policy by … Continue reading »

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