In a video message, Gold Star father Khizr Khan condemned Donald Trump’s actions against immigrants, refugees, and Muslims, and encouraged all Americans to call their members of Congress and ask them to take a stand against the President’s attacks. “I want to remind everyone why we migrated to this... Continue »
In a new Medium post, Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio’s Voice, reflects on the tumultuous first week in Trump’s America: “Trump’s first week in office has been a disaster. He lurched from issue to issue, trying to undo years of progress our country has made on health care access, the environment,... Continue »
President Trump’s immigration executive order creates a blueprint for mass deportation and builds up the Deportation Force he called for during the campaign. But is his hard-edged approach to undocumented immigrants popular with the American people or not? No. In fact, Trump’s approach is wildly unpopular with the American people and... Continue »
President Trump’s radical immigration and refugee executive orders are unprecedented, dangerous, and contrary to core American values. Despite assurances that Trump is simply building a wall and focusing on immigrant “criminals,” the details in the immigration executive orders, including the building up of a Deportation Force, make clear that just... Continue »
A recording of today’s press call is available here. On a press call today, Gold Star father Khizr Khan, Dreamer and Army veteran, Sergeant Oscar Vasquez, and Marine Corps veteran Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) shared their personal stories and reflections on why Trump’s radical policy vision is contrary to core... Continue »
What’s happening with DACA? Yesterday I did a breakdown of Trump’s Executive Order on Deportations. Afterward many people sent me questions about DACA. So today I’m doing a DACA update. You can get more information about the Executive Orders and DACA at America’s Voice. What's happening with DACA? Yesterday... Continue »
We’ve been highlighting that despite outsized attention to the border wall, the most disturbing component of President Trump’s immigration executive order is that it creates a blueprint for mass deportation and follows through with the Deportation Force Trump championed in his campaign. Despite rhetorical flourishes and assurances that Trump is simply... Continue »
Protests in DC, New York, and other cities across the US have continued into today in response to Donald Trump’s extreme orders targeting immigrant families and Muslim refugees. As immigration attorney David Leopold wrote earlier today, Trump’s plan is effectively “a blueprint to implement his campaign promises of mass deportation,... Continue »
As Donald Trump unrolls a series of extreme executive orders targeting immigrants and refugees, DACA recipients continue to wait in anxiety about the future of the program that has allowed them to legally work, pursue higher education, and temporarily live free from the fear of deportation. Despite offering recent... Continue »
With the signing of his executive action,  Trump issued an Executive Order, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,” on January 25, 2017, President Donald Trump began building up his Deportation Force and declaring Open Season on immigrants and refugees. Trump is making sweeping, foundational changes... Continue »