Donald Trump’s radical immigration and refugee executive orders are dangerous, un-American, and — according to three new polls — unpopular. Polling from Gallup, CNN, and CBS News make clear that President Trump is personally unpopular, as is his immigration-related policy agenda. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, “Now... Continue »
Travelers, students, medical professionals, and permanent US residents targeted by Donald Trump’s unconstitutional, immigration-related executive orders have been returning to the US, some following a weekend of stinging losses for his administration in the courts, and a chaotic ten days overall. “Families and immigration advocacy groups were buoyed twice over... Continue »
Breaking News update: Immigration attorney David Leopold brings you the latest on the Court of Appeals refusal to unblock Trump’s Executive Order banning immigrants and refugees from 7 Muslim countries. Breaking News update: Immigration attorney David Leopold brings you the lastest on the Court of Appeals refusal to unblock... Continue »
Cleveland, Ohio Immigration Attorney David Leopold Talks About Trump's Muslim Ban
Immigration Attorney David Leopold updates you on the injunction issued tonight by a federal judge in Washington State blocking Trump’s immigration Executive Order. UPDATE: The White House vowed to seek a stay of the Judge’s order in the following statement after the conclusion of this Facebook Live Update: “Statement... Continue »
Ali Vayeghan, a green card holder deported from the US last Friday due to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, flew back home to LAX yesterday to cheers. According to the LA Times, “Vayeghan’s successful return was the result of a federal judge’s emergency ruling overturning the government’s decision to ban him,... Continue »
An estimated 1,000 Yemini-owned New York City business shut their doors — and hundreds more rallied throughout the day — in protest of Donald Trump’s unlawful immigration order targeting Muslims and refugees. In a news release, organizers said the boycott was meant to show “the vital role these grocers... Continue »
Immigration Attorney David Leopold updates you on the Immigration Executive Orders, separating rumor from fact and answers your questions on Facebook live. This video will be posted here and on David’s Facebook page so you can watch it again later or share it with friends and family. Immigration Attorney... Continue »
Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, and Washington are among the first states to sue Donald Trump over his unconstitutional ban targeting Muslims and refugees. San Francisco also joined in the legal resistance against Trump, becoming the first city in the nation to sue over the executive order. “Over the past three days, my office has... Continue »
More and more disturbing reports are emerging about some of the individuals and families detained or deported under Donald Trump’s unconstitutional ban targeting Muslims and refugees. Trump has been aided in his efforts by rogue Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents. According to reports, these agents have essentially become a Deportation Force for Trump, after ignoring... Continue »
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and leading Congressional Democrats held a press conference last night on the steps of the US Supreme Court to speak in opposition to Donald Trump’s executive orders targeting immigrants, Muslims, and refugees. The Congressional Democrats were joined by two refugees affected by... Continue »