Earlier this week, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) threw a hissy fit about the Utah law, writing a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to make a tortured case for why the work permit component of the legislation (the part he dislikes) should be challenged in court by the... Continue »
The Texas congressman who heads the U.S. House Judiciary Committee has accused the Justice Department of being "hypocritical" for not pursuing legal action against a Utah law approving a guest worker program for illegal immigrants. Continue »
The Department of Homeland Security hasn't received a lot of praise recently, and the lack of it has finally gotten to them. That's why they've announced an initiative aimed at fighting the negative views that communities have developed over time. Continue »
Despite the claims of Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), Latino voters did not embrace Republican Latinos in 2010. In Nevada's race for Governor, while figures show that while Republican Brian Sandoval beat Clark County commissioner Rory Reid overall, getting 53.4% of the vote to Reid's 41.6%, Latino voters overwhelmingly preferred... Continue »
A recent hearing on the H-1B work-visa program also made it clear that while Reps. Smith, Gallegly, and King have never met an undocumented dishwasher or field hand they liked, they recognize the vital role of high-skilled immigration to the United States. Continue »
GOP Congressman Lamar Smith has once again asserted himself as his party's leading strategist on the Latino vote. He's taking issue with Chris Cillizza's recent analysis of census numbers,"The Republican's Hispanic Problem." Smith, who supports mass deportation, is desperately trying to get his fellow Republicans deny the facts and... Continue »
New data from the U.S. Census Bureau highlights the dramatic increase of the Latino population over the past decade, in both traditional "gateway" states and throughout the nation, with Latinos now comprising more than 1 in 6 Americans. According to Associated Press analysis of the new data, minority... Continue »
Last spring, we saw lots of stories about support for an Arizona-type law. Pollsters would ask if voters supported the Arizona law and the results became the story, without highlighting the other side of the equation: that there is strong support for immigration reform. However, with Rasmussen, it's... Continue »
House Republicans really let their nativist flag fly yesterday with simultaneous hearings on "New Jobs in Recession and Recovery: Who Are Getting Them and Who Are Not" (or rather: "Why Immigrants are Supposedly Recovering from the Recession Faster than Natives and What We Can Do to Make Sure... Continue »
As the House Immigration Subcommittee begins its latest controversial hearing on immigration issues, the panel's leadership is facing withering attacks from two Latino leaders in Congress. Continue »