A recording of the call can be found here Earlier today, policy and legal experts gathered on a press call to discuss the ramifications following Trump’s new rule that could ban women from visiting the U.S. just because they are pregnant or could become pregnant. In another attack on women’s reproductive rights, Trump and his… Continue »

White House claims women pose national security risk because they are pregnant. Today the Trump administration implemented a new rule that could ban women visitors around the world to the U.S. simply because a consular officer thinks they are pregnant or could become pregnant. Trump’s overreach is just one of many targeted attacks on women… Continue »

The Trump Administration’s Travel Ban Against Women of Child-bearing Age Without any new action by Congress, the Trump administration posted a new regulation, effective tomorrow, that bans women of child-bearing age from being issued a visitor visa simply because they could be pregnant. The bottom line: a vast group of women visitors to the U.S.… Continue »