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As House Republicans Gear Up to Vote on New Deportation Bill, Colorado Groups Call on Senator-Elect Gardner to Vote ‘No’

If House Has Time for Show Vote on Subjecting Immigrants to Deportation, They Can Vote on Bipartisan Bill That Would Undo Obama Action and Provide Permanent Solution After two years of failing to take up any attempt at meaningful immigration reform in the House, now Republicans have announced that in response to President Obama’s executive … Continue reading »

Kevin Drum: One Man Should NOT Control Immigration Policy — That's Why Boehner Should Allow a Vote

Check out this brilliant piece by Kevin Drum at Mother Jones.  Republicans have been complaining about President Obama’s executive announcement on immigration, saying that Obama is behaving like a “tyrant” and that one man should not be in control of the nation’s immigration policy.  On the latter part, Drum completely agrees.  One man should not control US … Continue reading »

Think Immigration Reform Has a Chance in the Next Congress? Listen to Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions to Understand Why it Doesn’t

As they were scuttling action on immigration by the President “by the end of summer,” Senators like Mark Pryor (D-AR), Kay Hagan (D-NC), Angus King (I-ME) and others said reform should be worked out in Congress.  Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) picked up the mantle, asserting that the House of Representatives could pass … Continue reading »

Huffington Post "Drinking and Talking" Discusses Immigration Reform

In the latest episode of the Huffington Post’s Drinking & Talking, our own Frank Sharry joined Eric Cantor’s former deputy chief of staff Doug Heye, Think Progress’ Esther Lee, and Huffington Post’s Elise Foley to discuss immigration legislation in this Congressional session and why Republicans have still not passed reform.  Some highlights: Frank slamming Republicans for voting multiple … Continue reading »

Will Executive Action by Obama in 2014 Kill Chances for Immigration Reform in 2015?

No, Because Passing Reform in 2015 is a Pipedream Many agree with our assessment that President Obama should use his existing legal authority to act on immigration, knowing that it’s good policy and the right thing to do.  But Republicans have abdicated any sense of governing responsibly on immigration and ceded control to the anti-immigrant … Continue reading »

House Republicans to Brave Members of our Military Services: Thanks For Putting Your Life on the Line, But We Want to Deport Your Spouse

It seems that House Republicans can’t help themselves.  Could it really be that their hatred for President Obama and immigrants is so intense that they want to get rid of common sense policies that help military families stay together? Yesterday and today, House Republicans are backing two bills – the so-called ENFORCE Act (HR 4138) … Continue reading »

Reps. Lofgren, Gutierrez, Other Dems Slam Republicans for Voting on ENFORCE Act

Yesterday, House Republicans ONCE AGAIN voted against prosecutorial discretion and programs like deferred action (DACA), when they passed a bill (the ENFORCE Act) that would allow Congress to sue the President in federal court if he tries to use his executive authority on certain laws.  Effectively, the vote pits Republicans against DREAMers, who would still … Continue reading »

House Republicans Cement the GOP’s Anti-Immigrant Brand

For House Republicans who call themselves supporters of immigration reform, their vote for the so-called ENFORCE Act (HR 4138) today thoroughly undermines their so-called commitment to reform.  Consideration of a related measure, HR 3973, continues tonight and a vote is expected tomorrow. As we noted earlier, the bill seeks to strip the President’s executive authority … Continue reading »

Commentators, Advocates Slam Today's Anti-Immigrant ENFORCE Act

Jay Carney: So it is, in my view, in our view, pretty amazing that today House Republicans went in the opposite direction by passing legislation targeting the deferred action for childhood arrivals policy that removed the threat of deportation for young people brought to this country as children, known as DREAMers. The House Judiciary Committee … Continue reading »

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