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Family Separations

Sen. Gillibrand Leads 15 Sens. Asking Sec. Kelly for Info on Children Separated from Deported Parents

For the last few months, Donald Trump has been running a mass deportation agenda that has terrified communities, separated families, and made it clear that all undocumented immigrants in the US are now at risk of deportation. Last week, we published a blog post about four immigrant parents living in different parts of the country, who have … Continue reading »

For Pastor Max Villatoro, Brigido Acosta, And All The Dads Separated From Their Kids Because Of Deportation

Millions of families across the US will come together to celebrate Father’s Day this upcoming weekend. But for many immigrant families, the day will instead serve as one of sadness. Sunday will be Pastor Max Villatoro’s second Father’s Day away from his four kids. He was deported to Honduras last year after living in Iowa for … Continue reading »

New “This Is My American Story” Campaign Features Stories Of Children From Immigrant Families

First Focus — in collaboration with We Belong Together, UWD, MomsRising, and America’s Voice Education Fund — has launched a PSA campaign to highlight the impact our broken immigration system has on kids, particularly the US citizen children of immigrants. The stunningly beautiful and poignant ads — which feature a number of children from mixed-status families — come as the Supreme Court is soon … Continue reading »

Ahead of Mother’s Day, New Music Video from Elena & Los Fulanos Highlights the Struggle of Families Separated by Broken Immigration System

As families around the country prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, a new music video from the bilingual folk-rock group Elena & Los Fulanos reminds us that many immigrant mothers will be spending this holiday apart from their loved ones.  The video for the group’s song “Amor Migrante,” features Maryland resident and CASA de Maryland member Rosario Reyes, an … Continue reading »

New Music Video From Elena & Los Fulanos Features Undocumented Mom Who Has Not Seen Her Son In 12 Years

A new music video debuting today highlights the anguish of an undocumented mother who has been separated from her son for 12 years. The music video from bilingual folk-rock group Elena & Los Fulanos, “Amor Migrante,” features Maryland resident and CASA de Maryland member Rosario, an undocumented mom from El Salvador who has not seen … Continue reading »

Two Immigrants Deported After Decades In The US Fight To Return To Testify Before Legislature

A grandmother and a US Army veteran deported to Italy several years ago are fighting to return to the United States in order to testify before state lawmakers. Paula Milardo, a grandmother and wife of a US Army veteran, lived in the United States legally for fifty years prior to her deportation. Arnold Giammarco, also … Continue reading »

One Year Later, The Fight To Return Pastor Max Back Home To Iowa Continues

It’s been one year since Pastor Max Villatoro was deported to Honduras and torn from his wife, four US citizen children, and Iowa home. Some deportation cases get local and state attention, but rarely do they receive the sort of national attention Pastor Max’s case managed to get. Support for Pastor Max swelled following his … Continue reading »

Iowa Rep. Dave Loebsack Introduces Legislation To Reunite Deported Pastor Max With His Family

Nearly a year after his deportation to Honduras, a new effort to return Pastor Max to his family in Iowa has begun. Rep. Dave Loebsack, from Iowa’s Second Congressional District, yesterday introduced legislation aimed at reuniting the Pastor with his wife Gloria and their four US citizen children in the United States. Pastor Max’s arrest … Continue reading »

“Deportation Force” the Latest Chilling Detail Of Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

Frank Sharry: “Trump is attempting to mainstream a vision of America that we all must reject” In Tuesday night’s Republican debate, Donald Trump stated that he would model his mass-deportation plan after one of the darkest moments in modern American history – President Eisenhower’s 1954 round-up and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of immigrants to Mexico, an event known … Continue reading »

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