CNN this week published a story that feeds right into the anti-immigrant narrative of the far-right, approaching the same xenophobic Bill Melugin/FOX News-like clickbait that we see on other channels. Specifically, the CNN story proclaimed that “mugglers with ties to ISIS helped migrants enter the U.S., raising alarm bells... Continue »
There’s A Reason Why Melugin Is A Favorite Of Anti-Immigrant Lawmakers, Candidates, And Their Allies If a tweet from the southern border is going viral among anti-immigrant lawmakers, candidates and their allies, chances are it originated with Fox News and their designated border flak Bill Melugin. He’s built his... Continue »
Douglas Rivlin: “There’s no longer a divide between the ugly and dangerous misinformation in the fever swamps of the right wing media and the Republican Party as an institution. They own it all.” Washington, DC – This week brings several reminders how right wing xenophobic conspiracy theories can have... Continue »