As Donald Trump advocates for the surveillance of Muslim-Americans and then defends the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester at one of his campaign rallies, two cartoonists capture his dangerous attitude. Love to cartoonists @laloalcaraz & @khalidalbaih for visually capturing Trump’s attitude towards Mexicans & Muslims. —... Continue »
As we stated last week, Trump added another disturbing detail to his mass-deportation vision: A “Deportation Force” to implement his radical, widely-condemned plan. As Frank Sharry, the Executive Director of America’s Voice noted, “Trump’s radical and dangerous mass deportation plan, a discredited idea once consigned to the sewers of the far-right, is... Continue »
NBC is now on the receiving end a tsunami of negative reviews after choosing to go forward and keep Donald Trump on as host of last week’s “Saturday Night Live,” despite a massive national outcry from a multitude of Latino and immigrant rights advocates and organizations. “The network, along... Continue »
This 2012 oldie-but-goodie from one of our favorites, Lalo Alcaraz. You’d think Republicans would have learned some lessons from the defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012. But with Donald “Mass Deportation” Trump leading the race for the GOP Presidential nomination, the national Republican Party could be headed the way... Continue »
A (sad) dose of reality from cartoonist Jorge Cruz: #Cartoon Pope Francis says bye USA #PopeFrancis #PopeInPhilly #Trump #Trump2016 — Jorge Cruz (@JorgeCruz_Art) September 28, 2015 #Caricatura Papa Francisco se despide de EE.UU. #Francisco #SantoPadre #DonaldTrump #Trump2016 — Jorge Cruz (@JorgeCruz_Art) September 28, 2015 Continue »