TIME reports that on the heels of a controversial UK referendum that has been widely tied to anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment, British politician and “Brexit” leader Nigel Farage will attend next week’s GOP convention in Cleveland. Farage won’t say which Republican leader or leaders invited him to the convention,... Continue »
Yesterday, we shared news that a wave of “hate crimes and racial abuse” had hit the UK following the Brexit vote, with more than 100 incidents reported to media and police. It turns out the real number is dramatically — and frighteningly — higher. From the Independent: The number of... Continue »
A wave of “hate crimes and racial abuse” has swept through the UK since the recent ‘Brexit’ vote to leave the European Union, reports the Independent. Polish families have been among the targets of the more than 100 incidents reported, a number of it mirroring the “Go back to... Continue »