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Matt Hildreth


FB_PicMatthew Hildreth is the Political Director at America’s Voice and America’s Voice Education Fund.

Matt is a graduate of Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota where he studied Philosophy and Communications, he holds an Executive Education Certificate from Harvard University’s Leadership, Organizing and Action program, and is pursuing a Master’s in Strategic Communication from the University of Iowa.

Matt began his career working in television, then jumped into national political communications and spent three years as the Interactive Media Producer for Sojourners — the largest network of progressive Christians in America — where he successfully developed innovative techniques for engaging online constituents.

At America’s Voice and America’s Voice Education Fund, Matt writes op-eds, press releases, blog posts, social media content, and email newsletters for progressive, faith-based, labor, civil rights, and grassroots networks and leaders. As manager of America’s Voice and America’s Voice Education Fund’s digital team, he also leverages online technologies to motivate key constituencies toward greater civic engagement and  develops innovative campaigns for allied organizations and members of Congress as well as communications strategies for political grassroots campaigns.