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Trump Video a Vile Willie Horton-Style Ploy

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Trump’s Race-Baiting is Disgusting; Deserves to be Denounced

Washington DC – In a new video, Donald Trump’s campaign uses overt racism and demagoguery to criticize an opponent and to advance ugly anti-immigrant stereotypes. The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“This video is disgusting and should be denounced by all people of good will. Donald Trump is stooping to Willie Horton-style ads that falsely characterize millions of Latino immigrants as dangerous. He seems intent on unleashing and legitimizing the vilification of 11 million undocumented immigrants, the overwhelming majority of whom come to America to work hard, build better lives for their families and contribute to the country they now call home.

“This is no joke. Immigration status is not something that can be discerned by looking at someone. As a result, Trump’s race-baiting threatens to create an atmosphere in which all 54 million Latinos in the U.S., most of whom are born in the U.S., feel targeted.

“This is no longer just about campaign tactics and the rise of Trump. It’s about what kind of society we are and want to be. Are we going to stand by while Trump demeans and dehumanizes the largest minority group in America? Are cable talkers going to keep on chuckling about that rascal ‘The Donald’ or are they going to denounce this blatant disregard for Latinos in America?

“When Trump called Mexicans that come to the U.S. ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals,’ the response from most GOP candidates and the RNC was timid, slow and ineffective. Just last week, RNC Chair Reince Priebus went so far as to call Trump a ‘net positive’ for the Republican Party. On the other hand, in response to Trump’s racist comments during his campaign announcement a number of major companies in the U.S. acted swiftly and decisively.

“Going forward, we’ll see who is on the side of an inclusive America and equal treatment for people under the law – regardless of the color of their skin, their national origin or the accent they speak with – and who is on the side of a bigoted bully who uses racism as a central component of his campaign strategy.”

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