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No Fooling, Center for Immigration Studies Confused About What Year It Is

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Sends Out Press Release Dated 2007; Blames Voters for Being Too Stupid to Understand Immigration Issue

In a stunning attempt to turn back the hands of time to when they were almost relevant, yesterday the Center for Immigration Studies sent out a press release dated 2007 (see attached press release) in a desperate attempt to explain away the failure of the anti-immigrant movement to score a single political victory during the 2008 Presidential primaries.

“It’s been a rough couple of election cycles for the anti-immigrant crowd. Immigrant bashing was a losing strategy in 2006, a losing strategy in 2007, and proved to be a losing strategy in the 2008 primary season,” said Frank Sharry Executive Director of America’s Voice. “Can’t say that I blame them for wanting to turn back the clock to when they thought of themselves as influential.”

In the spirit of our friends’ desire for time travel, we thought we would indulge ourselves with a little trip forward in time to some of the immigration headlines we expect to see on the other side of the 2008 elections:

  • “Hazleton, PA Suffers Economic Downturn as Immigrant Workers Leave Area; Failed Congressional Candidate Lou Barletta Blames Immigrants for Leaving Town”
  • “Republican Party Anti-immigrant Strategy Backfires; Party Leaders Conclude that Alienating Fastest Growing Sector of Electorate Not a Good Idea”
  • “Congress Passes Immigration Reform; Political Pundits Proclaim Immigration Still “Third Rail” of American Politics”
  • “Passage of Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship Drives Lou Dobbs Over the Edge; Anchor Dragged from CNN Kicking and Screaming “I’m Mad As Hell and I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!”

More seriously, CIS’s attempt to explain away the weakness of anti-immigrant voters is laughable. Voters didn’t know what the positions of the candidates on illegal immigration? All those debates, all those town halls, all those articles about illegal immigration being a wedge issue whose time has come? Truth is voters were confused by the CIS’s poll questions, which are designed to push respondents towards the sugar-coated version of mass deportation CIS advocates.

Independent polling is a more trustworthy