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Lou Dobbs for Governor: Because Nothing Says ‘Welcome to the Garden State’ Like Show Me Your Papers

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America’s Voice Launches www.DobbsForGovernor.com


Washington, DC – According to press reports the extreme, anti-immigration CNN commentator Lou Dobbs is contemplating a run for Governor of New Jersey next year. America’s Voice has launched a new website to tell the truth about Dobbs and pundits like him, who think they can stir-up waves of anti-immigrant hysteria and ride them all the way to the statehouse, the White House, or the Governor’s mansion.

The site features our take on what a Lou Dobbs campaign platform would look like, inspired by the unrealistic and polarizing views of real Congressional candidates. Visitors are invited to submit their ideas (in English Only) for the Dobbs campaign slogan contest. The winner will receive a free t-shirt featuring his or her slogan, and activists around the country will have the opportunity to purchase the shirt online.

Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice had this to say:

“America’s Voice is happy to take this opportunity to reveal the truth about anti-immigrant, mass-deportation candidates who have stood in the way of real immigration solutions for years.

“Lou Dobbs is not a real candidate, he’s a caricature of what is wrong with the current immigration debate. He offers no real solutions to our broken immigration system, and simply uses his program to spread proven lies, stir up racial tensions and fear, and provide a platform to known hate groups.

“Though the quality of CNN’s programming would improve if Dobbs were elected, the citizens of New Jersey deserve a governor that deals in facts and real solutions. Let’s hope Dobbs remains as far away from the Governor’s mansion as he does from good journalism.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Lou Dobbs would lose a race to become Governor of one of America’s most diverse states. He would simply join the long list of desperate politicians who ran on anti-immigrant hysteria and lost.”

To view the site, please visit www.DobbsForGovernor.com