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A diverse group of national faith leaders announced the “Tour of the Faithful” today. The tour will consist of a national month of action, featuring 17 events from coast to coast, which will call for reform of our broken immigration system. Religious leaders and advocates are rallying their communities to stand up for immigration reform that reflects our nation’s best values.

One-time immigration reformer Senator John McCain, who championed comprehensive immigration reform in response to a national outcry for leadership, has surrendered to the wishes of his own party platform that serves up the same anti-immigrant mush to America.

Despite a “massive crisis in detainee medical care” according to internal government documents, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff does not seem to grasp the gravity of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) failure to uphold basic standards in the treatment of detainees. The New York Times quoted Secretary Chertoff saying that in “the population of any detention facility, whether it’s a state prison, federal prison, you’re going to get a certain number of deaths.”

A series of recent news accounts have demonstrated that our immigration system is broken and in need of common sense reform. The Bush Administration’s recent approaches to immigration policy – including worksite raids and self-deportation programs – have been colossal failures.

A New York Times op-ed from Mesa, AZ Police Chief George Gascon (below) provides a sensible blueprint to guide state and local police attempting to do their jobs in the shadow of a “bankrupt federal immigration policy.”