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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 1, 2014

Huffington Post (Blog): Colorado Senate Race Comes Down to Latino Support Associated Press: U.S. to give refugee status to limited number of Central American minors New York Times: Obama Approves Plan to Let Children in Central America Apply for Refugee Status Wall Street Journal: U.S. to Offer Refugee Status to Some Central American Children The Hill: Obama outlines refugee program for … Continue reading »

Dana Milbank: Anti-Immigrant Leaders Like Lynn's Mayor Kennedy Are Looking for Scapegoats

As we’ve written about many times before, the US response to children fleeing violence and arriving at our borders has not always been welcoming.  In fact, the latest trend among opponents of immigration reform has been to document what “happens” after these children are processed and sent to temporary locations around the US.  The town … Continue reading »

Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, August 14, 2014

Vox: 3 times presidents unilaterally suspended immigration enforcement Politico: Democrats to White House: Immigration’s your call The Hill: GOP lawmaker: Obama ‘absolutely wants to be impeached’ Associated Press: Obama To Interrupt Summer Vacation With Trip Back To D.C. The Hill: Why is Obama returning to Washington? The Hill: Obama prepares schools for enrollment of migrant … Continue reading »

VIDEO: Steve King Shuts Down Question from Constituent — an Iowa DREAMer

Steve King held another town hall event in New Hampton, Iowa today, where he took a question from a DREAMer constituent — and then promptly shut her down. Monica Reyes, a resident of New Hampton, Iowa — part of King’s district — organized and turned out 20 people to King’s town hall today.  When King called … Continue reading »

Game Plan from the GOP and Allies on Child Refugees: Grandstand; Distort; Do Nothing; Repeat

The Same Game Plan Used by the Republicans on Every Immigration Debate  When it comes to addressing the ongoing child refugee crisis at the border, Republicans and their allies have solidified a strategy of trying to score political points, driving memes that are fact-free, and then ending with a flourish of inaction.  See below for … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez: GOP Needs to Help Protect Kids at the Border

Republicans killed immigration reform, and this week they are once again demonstrating their talent for obstructionism with reports that they may block Obama’s request for more money to address the children at the border. Republicans have complained about the children, demanded that they be sent back, tried to connect the children to Obama’s deferred action program … Continue reading »

Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 5, 2014

Think Progress: Candidates Who Signed An Anti-Immigration Pledge Are Losing Their Primaries By Esther Yu-His Lee Latino Post: Primary Elections 2014 Results: California and New Mexico Races Predict Greater Latino Influence in Midterms By I-Hsien Sherwood Fox 31 (Colorado): Immigration reform advocates demand action from Gardner, Congress By Eli Stokols NBC News: Poll: Immigration Is … Continue reading »