“What the Bush administration is attempting to do in its twilight will do nothing more than hurt workers for decades to come. This comes as no surprise. The Administration has a record of coddling unscrupulous employers while going after hard working people. The raid on the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa is the perfect example: They decided to go after the employer only after sustained negative media forced them to.”

  By jeopardizing immigrant security, he jeopardizes American food security Yesterday we learned of a major South Dakota meatpacking plant closing down due to an outbreak of infections among the workers. Just like that, 5% of the nation’s pork supply was gone. This comes on top of the agricultural industry worries over labor shortages. Against a… Continue »

Florida Immigrants Protest at the State Capitol in Tallahassee

On the Front Line of Virtually Every Indispensable Sector of Our Economy Immigrants always play an essential role in our economy and society. But during the COVID-19 pandemic containment and response effort, immigrants’ contributions are ever more indispensable. Below are excerpts of voices, findings and commentary exposing the fact that the Trump administration’s xenophobia and… Continue »

America’s Voice Thank You to the Immigrant Workers Getting Us Through This Pandemic During Public Health Crisis, Immigrants Getting the Job Done Instead of Stepping Up to Save Lives, Trump Points Fingers and Blows Smoke The ‘anti-immigrant strain’ of the coronavirus in the White House English Washington Times DHS still boosting foreign guest workers amid… Continue »

SPLC Hatewatch’s latest release detailing White House advisor Stephen Miller’s role in advancing and espousing white nationalist theories include new emails to Breitbart that demonstrate Miller’s animus toward Dreamers and DACA and a forward of a disturbing article endorsing mass deportation by shipping out undocumented immigrants by trains to “scare people who want to undo… Continue »

America’s Voice Of Course Trump Got the Idea to Nominate Mark Morgan from Lou Dobbs, Who Once Said Immigrants Bring Leprosy Las noticias más destacadas en Español English Associated Press US to Add 30,000 Seasonal Worker Visas as Soon as This Week May 06, 2019 The Wall Street Journal Trump Administration Issues Rule to Allow… Continue »

America’s Voice Because Congress Controls the Power of the Purse, Trump’s National Emergency Declaration to Build a Border Wall Uniquely Threatens the Constitutional Balance of Powers The supremacist siege on our Spanish language doesn’t cease ICYMI: Alan Gomez: “Judge may force Trump administration to reunite thousands more separated families” English The Hill Pollster calls Trump… Continue »

America’s Voice Es momento de que las autoridades investiguen los abusos de la Organización Trump contra sus trabajadores Following Hill Meetings, Undocumented Former Trump Employees & Legal and Labor Experts Outline Facts & Disturbing Pattern of Criminal Behavior By Trump Properties Time for the Authorities to Investigate the Trump Organization’s Criminal Abuse of Workers English… Continue »