El muro de Trump ha rebasado ya el nivel de la obsesión. Es como una especie de cremallera de una prenda de vestir que no le queda, pero que se empecina en cerrar, aunque las costuras del atuendo empiecen a crujir, advirtiendo que simplemente no es posible lograr el objetivo. Pero a él no le… Continue »

Senator Cornyn is the President’s key wingman, unwilling to challenge Trump, even over the treatment of vulnerable children. As we’ve been highlighting (here, here and here) , the Trump administration has been using the cover of the elecpandemic to advance a host of nativist policies they have long pursued but had been previously unable to… Continue »

America’s Voice   The only statistic that matters to Trump has nothing to do with the coronavirus ICYMI: “Coronavirus Pandemic Complicates TPS for Haitians” The Trump Administration’s “Gratuitous Act of Cruelty” English The Hill The Memo: Trump agenda rolls on amid pandemic By NIALL STANAGE May 24, 2020 Associated Press Judge Demands ICE Better Explain… Continue »

If there are two topics that define, in many ways, the immigration policy of the current government of the United States they are, on the one hand, the stubborn intention of constructing a wall on the border with Mexico and, on the other, the separation of immigrant families. Both have served to consolidate the loyalty… Continue »

Last weekend, dozens of protestors gathered in their cars outside of Karnes County Residential Center — an immigrant family detention facility in Texas — to draw attention to the renewed policy of family separation ICE has started pushing on detained immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although demonstrations are inherently limited during the age of social… Continue »

English Reuters U.S. Top Court Tosses Ruling Against Illegal Immigration Encouragement Law May 07, 2020 Politico ‘We’re going to fill it’: Republicans ready for any Supreme Court vacancy By BURGESS EVERETT May 07, 2020 Associated Press Official: Strict US Border Policy May Remain as Virus Eases May 07, 2020 Associated Press US Northern Border Illegal… Continue »

America’s Voice   New Polling Finds Americans Remain Strongly Pro-Immigrant Ocurrencias de Trump infectan más que el coronavirus English Associated Press Trump’s Focus on His Base Complicates Path to Reelection April 27, 2020 Associated Press High Court Declines to Revisit Immigrant Issue During Virus April 24, 2020 Associated Press Sizing up Trump’s green-card halt: Is… Continue »

WaPost Editorial: “Trump Weaponizes the Pandemic” Throughout the Trump presidency, President Trump and Stephen Miller have relentlessly advanced a cruel anti-immigrant agenda to maintain the president’s political connection with his base and to pursue the long-sought policy goals of the nativist fringe. Now, they are using the pandemic to go even farther and to justify… Continue »

America’s Voice TPS Holder Frontline Workers Discuss Fighting Pandemic While Trump Tries to Deport Them $18 Billion for Trump’s Border Wall Obsession Should Be Deployed Against Covid-19 Efforts LAT: “You Can’t Pick Strawberries Over Zoom” NYT: Undocumented Become “Essential Workers” English Reuters U.S. Again Postpones Immigration Hearings for Migrants in Mexico Due to Coronavirus By… Continue »

As we continue to reel and respond to the current public health crisis, we have a few questions: Why is the Trump administration pressing the Supreme Court to end DACA on an expedited basis, as 27,000 DACA recipients work on the front lines in healthcare jobs? Putting 700,000 families on a path to deportation would… Continue »