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Quotes from Farmers About Immigrants, Immigration, and Farm Workers

Undocumented immigrants contribute some $11 billion to the US economy every year. Some of these immigrants are farm workers (and workers in similar areas, such as the dairy industry) who help to keep American farms open and producing affordable, quality food. As many as 70% of all US farm workers are undocumented immigrants. Recent history has … Continue reading »

Meet The Trump Hotel Workers Who Will Not Be Voting For Their Boss

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet for the final Presidential debate in Las Vegas tonight, CNN profiles Trump International Hotel employees who will not be voting for their boss. Among them are several Latina guest room attendants who, citing his record of anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric, will be casting their ballots for Clinton instead. … Continue reading »

NPR: Immigrant Workers and Their Crucial Role in US Food Production

This week, the NPR show “All Things Considered” is highlighting stories from Harvest Public Media, a public radio reporting project that focuses on agriculture and food production issues.  Each story highlights the struggles of some of the many immigrant workers that play a crucial role in food production across the U.S. In yesterday’s segment, they … Continue reading »

Part II of Lamar Smith's "Jobs" Plan: A Massive Guest Worker Program With No Labor Protections

Rep. Lamar Smith, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is also the self-appointed jobs czar for the GOP. He’s holding a mark-up of his two-part jobs package this Thursday, September 15th. Yesterday we explained why Smith’s mandatory E-Verify bill kills jobs for Americans and is opposed by organized labor. Today, we explain why his companion bill—the “American Specialty Agriculture Act” (H.R.2847)—also puts American workers last. That’s some “jobs” plan.

Lamar Smith’s Guest Worker Bill Exposes More of His Hypocrisy and Anti-Immigrant Zeal

Despite all the problems with E-Verify, Rep. Lamar Smith is charging forward with his mandatory bill — and adding a cheap guest worker plan to the mix in a blatant attempt to buy off the industry. Instead of putting American workers first, Smith’s plan promotes a race to the bottom for the industry and jeopardizes the jobs of hundreds of thousands of Americans working in and around agriculture today.

AFL-CIO and the Obama Administration: Immigration Reform for All Workers

Yesterday, the President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis sat down to talk about a key workers’ rights issue: comprehensive immigration reform. The duo made a clear and compelling case for reform that legalizes undocumented immigrants, and explained why comprehensive reform is in the interest of all workers in America – immigrant and native-born.

Bush Administration Announces Ill-conceived Last Minute Changes to Guestworker Program

“What the Bush administration is attempting to do in its twilight will do nothing more than hurt workers for decades to come. This comes as no surprise. The Administration has a record of coddling unscrupulous employers while going after hard working people. The raid on the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa is the perfect example: They decided to go after the employer only after sustained negative media forced them to.”