English Amnesty International FAITH LEADERS, HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS, AND FORMER ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE STAGE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE FOR REFUGEES October 11, 2019 BuzzFeed Immigration Officials Are Pushing A Proposal To Add A New Fee For DACA Recipients And Charge For Asylum Applications By Hamed Aleaziz October 11, 2019 American... Continue »
In hard-hitting pieces for USA Today and TIME Magazine, refugee experts Rev. Sharon Stanley-Rea and Barbara Strack highlight the ways in which the Trump administration’s efforts to end refugee resettlement are a retreat from American values. Strack, who recently retired after a long career at USCIS, is one of... Continue »
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TPS Would Provide Work Permits, Protection from Deportation for 14,000 Bahamians More than 100 international, national, state, and local organizations sent a urged Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Director Kevin McAleenan grant Bahamian nationals Temporary Protected Status (TPS) due to Hurricane Dorian’s massive destruction and displacement of Bahamian... Continue »
Increasing Deportations, Thousands of Cuban Asylum Seekers Sent Back to Danger in Mexico, Naturalization and “Green Card” Denials, Bureaucratic Hurdles to Obtain Status, Pressuring Other Nations to Block Cuban Asylum Seekers Despite tough talk about the Cuban regime and the harm it continues to inflict on its own citizens,... Continue »
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As predicted, Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan and the acting heads of CBP, ICE, and USCIS went to the tent courts in Laredo, TX yesterday and tried to claim that Trump’s policies were successful and that the asylum hearings at these makeshift courtrooms were part of a fair process.... Continue »
Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan and the acting heads of CBP, ICE, and USCIS are set to travel today to tent courts along the border in Laredo, TX. We can expect them to claim that the Trump administration’s policies are a success and that the asylum hearings at the... Continue »
“All of it came as our fellow Americans in El Paso buried their dead following a terrorist attack inspired by Trump and his allies.” Last Friday, America’s Voice published a detailed overview of the litany of attacks launched by the Trump administration — in August alone — on legal... Continue »
But there is an Effective, Cost-Efficient, and Humane Solution to Border Challenge  Yesterday, the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Kevin McAleenan testified before the House Oversight Committee that the solution to the border challenge is ending the Flores Settlement Agreement (FSA), which prohibits detention... Continue »