Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant speech last night might’ve earned cheers from the likes of Ann Coulter and David Duke, but in battleground states where Latinos and immigrants will help decide who occupies the White House next year, it’s a whole different story. From the Las Vegas Review Journal: Donald Trump’s 10-point speech on immigration drew a… Continue »

After Trump’s extreme speech on immigration, what exactly is Coffman waiting for? Last night, Donald Trump gave a policy speech on immigration that painted a dark, nativist picture of America. He touted a plan that would, through mass deportation and self-deportation, deport or force out most, if not all, of the 11 million undocumented immigrants… Continue »

Donald Trump is seeing a mass exodus of prominent Latino supporters following his anti-immigrant speech in Arizona last night. Among them are Alfonso Aguilar, President of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, who dumped the Republican Presidential nominee during a live interview on CNN this morning. “He said he was going to treat undocumented immigrants… Continue »

“Donald Trump to visit Mexico after more than a year of mocking it” was the spot-on headline from the New York Times Tuesday night, after news broke that the Republican Presidential nominee would be sitting down for a private meeting with President Enrique Peña Nieto. The visit — scheduled before what the Trump campaign is calling… Continue »

Black and Latino voters prefer bubonic plague over Donald Trump, according to a new survey from PPP. Trump likes to boast about his standing among voters of color — honestly, who can forget that cringeworthy “Look at my African-American over there!” moment — but the PPP findings show these voters prefer just about anything over Trump, including… Continue »

His name may not be on the ballots in Florida and Arizona today, but Donald Trump’s shadow still looms over two Republican Senators facing primary challenges. Both Senators John McCain and Marco Rubio have said they will vote for Trump for President, despite criticizing some of his past comments. And, both have said they will… Continue »

One year ago this month we saw the height of Donald Trump’s contempt for Latinos when he deported Jorge Ramos from a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa. His offense? Trying to ask Trump a question about immigration. “Sit down!” Trump boomed while ignoring Ramos’s query about how he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrant from the… Continue »

Latinx leaders and voices have a strong message for Donald Trump’s cynical, rhetorical shift on immigration and Latinxs: Too little, too late. In an NBC Latino op-ed, Northern Arizona University Professor Stephen A. Nuño said Trump’s taco-bowl-less meeting last weekend with a small group of Latinx Republicans glared over “the elephant in the room — the… Continue »

Please note the following column was translated from Spanish to English and is available in Spanish here. This past Thursday the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, said “believe it or not, I regret” some of the things he said at the height of the campaign.  For his spokespeople and followers, this apparently constituted an “apology” and a “dramatic”… Continue »

Republican strategist Ana Navarro called out RNC Director of Hispanic Communications and Donald Trump supporter Helen Aguirre Ferré for her blatant hypocrisy during a must-watch CNN interview yesterday. After a over a year of rhetoric, we all know Donald Trump is not pivoting from his base — violence, bigotry, and intolerance — but that hasn’t stopped… Continue »