Ian Haney López Recommends a Message that Integrates Race and Class In a new op-ed for the New York Times, Ian Haney López, the author of “Merge Left: Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections and Saving America,” argues that the most effective way to counter Trump’s racism is to integrate messages related to race and… Continue »

A recording of the call is available here. Earlier today immigration experts and advocates discussed the latest developments on immigration, border and asylum policy. Reports have surfaced that a new proposed asylum rule from the Trump administration, if announced, will exacerbate the humanitarian crisis on our southern border, fail to address the underlying causes of… Continue »

Yesterday, the Trump administration announced its latest pathetic attempt to stop immigration: a gradually increasing tariff paid for by Americans on all Mexican products consumed by Americans with the childish hope that this will somehow strongarm Mexico into stemming the flow of Central Americans seeking safety in the U.S.  In what will be another failed… Continue »

As Trump Leans in to the Same ‘Divide and Distract’ Strategy as 2018, Evidence Mounts That it is Backfiring Against Him and GOP for 2020 President Trump’s campaign rally last night in Pennsylvania reminds us that his 2020 reelection campaign will feature an ugly mix of tough guy talk and fearmongering on immigrants and immigration.… Continue »

Texas is ground zero for the fight for and against a border wall. The state has the longest border with Mexico of any American state which is why President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to build a wall on that border is of vital importance to the Lone Star state. On March 14, 2019,… Continue »

On March 14, 2018, the United States Senate delivered a stunning rebuke to President Trump. Fifty-nine Senators, including 12 Republican Senators, stood up for the Constitution and voted to reject Trump’s fake national emergency. On the other hand, 41 Republican Senators chose Trump over the Constitution, and one of them was the recently appointed Senator… Continue »

The Trump Administration may have continued its all-out anti-immigrant assault throughout 2018, but they were met at every turn by countless courageous individuals who marched in the streets for their immigrant neighbors, voted against xenophobic candidates and campaigns, spoke truth to power, and demanded the Administration treat immigrants with dignity and fairness. Those who stood… Continue »

The Trump Administration has arguably had no greater effect on policy than it has on U.S. immigration policy. At the end of 2017, we wrote this piece recapping all the alarming ways the Trump White House has gone after immigrants and targeted them for mass deportation during Trump’s first year in office. In 2018, the… Continue »

Perhaps McCarthy Will Do for the National GOP What He Did for the California GOP Kevin McCarthy, who rose to GOP prominence as a young gun promising to elect Californian Republicans, is now ready to ascend to his new role as Leader of House Republicans. But his reputation as a force for growth in the… Continue »

See our full liveblog here. Below are Republicans who ran anti-immigrant ads and were featured on our Divide and Distract website, who lost their general election races this year. The race-baiting, anti-immigrant, caravan strategy is looking like a huge fail in the House. CLF & NRCC ran nasty ads against Davids, Kirkpatrick, Delgado, Brindisi, Spanberger,… Continue »