Originally published February 15, 2018; last updated November 19, 2019 Stephen Miller is a senior adviser to Donald Trump, as well as a white nationalist who has been responsible for some of Trump’s most anti-immigrant policies — and his greatest failures. Miller has played a central role in the Muslim ban, ending DACA for Dreamers,… Continue »

In Any Other Time, Miller’s Racial Obsession Wouldn’t be Tolerated After the recent revelations that Stephen Miller is a bonafide white nationalist, exposed by two reports last week from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), more outrage and attention continues to drive the conversation that one of Trump’s highest advisors’ anti-immigrant sentiments ran deep way… Continue »

“Their real game is to combine hostage taking with a shameless shakedown. Sound familiar?” On Twitter yesterday, President Trump falsely declared the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program unlawful, reiterated his administration’s desire to have the Supreme Court end the popular and successful program, and called for lawmakers to work on legislation – a… Continue »

Originally published April 25, 2017; last updated October 9, 2019 “Sanctuary cities” is actually a misnomer. While many Americans believe that it refers to a city that doesn’t prosecute immigrants, so-called “sanctuary cities” actually refer to something far more specific. There’s no single definition of what is a sanctuary city, but generally speaking, it’s a… Continue »

America’s Voice With Honduran Asylum “Deal,” Trump is Doling out Death Sentences ICYMI: Scathing Editorial in La Opinión: “Trump Humiliates Us” Key Republicans Dissent In Vote to Revoke #FakeTrumpEmergency as Senate Acts to Protect Constitution, Constituents and Military Families Ahead of Today’s House Detention Oversight Hearing, Newsweek Highlights Increased Spending on a Private Prisons With… Continue »

English Los Angeles Times (Opinion) Opinion: Like the Orwellian nightmare he is, Trump accuses migrant rights activists of ‘cruel and evil’ policies By Scott Martelle September 24, 2019 Associated Press Judge plans to dismiss case on wages of immigrant detainees By Gene Johnson September 24, 2019 Associated Press Arrest Warrants Issued for Mexican Police in… Continue »

America’s Voice ICYMI: Ronald Brownstein: “Why race is moving center stage for 2020” “Kangaroo” Tent Courts the Final Step In a Sham Asylum Process with a Mounting Human Toll ICYMI: Fabiola Santiago: “This former Cuban political prisoner, 82, has been denied U.S. citizenship. Shameful” English Breitbart Progressives Attack ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program for Migrants By… Continue »

Over the weekend, two of the main daily papers in the United States, The New York Times and the Washington Post, dedicated front page articles to the controversial figure that is presidential advisor Stephen Miller, the principal architect of the anti-immigrant policy of the Donald Trump administration.   Nothing detailed would surprise those of us who… Continue »

America’s Voice It’s Not Just Trump: The Trump Administration has Dozens of Staffers with Connections to White Nationalists After Week of Tragedy, Latino Community Expresses Fear of Being Targeted Mississippi Raids Leave Trail of Traumatized Children and Families Trump’s New Public Charge Rule a “Backdoor Cut to Legal Immigration” and Another Cruel Attack on Hardworking… Continue »

As the death toll rises in El Paso following a mass shooting fueled by anti-immigrant sentiment, local and national observers and editorial boards are calling out Trump’s failed attempt to call for unity and denounce the same hatred that has fueled his policies and rhetoric since the start of his presidential campaign.  Pili Tobar, Deputy… Continue »