The New York Times has a poignant piece about family separation today, separation that is occurring across our nation as a result of our broken immigration system. It details the story of Encarnaci�n Bail Romero, a mother who was locked up after an immigration raid in Carthage, Missouri, and... Continue »
A newspaper series exposing Sheriff Joe Arpaio's costly abuse of power in Arizona just won the Pulitzer prize: "Sheriff Joe Arapaio is a national disgrace. Among the Pulitzer prizes awarded today was one to Ryan Gabrielson and Paul Giblin of the East Valley Tribune (Mesa, Arizona) for its coverage... Continue »
While in Mexico City today, President Obama reiterated the need for a new immigration debate focused on solutions, rather than more divisive “politics as usual.” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (pictured here) echoed the President’s comments, also saying that any immigration reform legislation will need to have supporters... Continue »
Note: This is a new weekly feature by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger. The dialogue on immigration has, historically, been contentious and cyclical. There are times when hysteria peaks, and rational thought struggles to enter the national dialogue. There are also moments of truth. This week, independent media debunked many... Continue »
Well, yesterday was a new day. Yesterday's news that organized labor has joined forces to push for comprehensive reform highlights the important link between comprehensive immigration reform, the economy, and worker protection. As the New York Times argued so succinctly yesterday: Even in a bad economy - especially in... Continue »
Our immigration system is broken, and if you think that because you are a citizen this doesn't affect you, then you should read today's Associated Press piece. In it, Suzanne Gamboa describes how the rights of citizens and non-citizens alike are being violated: "The American judicial system... Continue »
Today the Immigration Policy Center brought together key economic experts to dispel the most stubborn myths surrounding immigrants and the economy. Immigration Impact's Andrea Nill explains why real immigration reform would benefit all Americans: "Moving forward with comprehensive immigration reform will ensure that all workers are here legally, will... Continue »
Just when you thought the immigrant blame game couldn't get more absurd, this, from Media Matters: "Limbaugh: Somali pirates have "entitlement mentality. I could have sworn they were originally Americans"; speculates 'maybe they were illegal immigrants.'" Sounds like Rush needs to deal with his own entitlement issues before... Continue »
Ever since yesterday's front page New York Time article, the debate has been raging in the blogosphere and network news over whether or not the signs are pointing to immigration reform moving forward this year. Frank Sharry: "Our polling suggests that swing voters who want a new path... Continue »
President Obama is rising to the occasion and demonstrating leadership on this issue that vexes the American public. It will be up to Congress to follow his lead and make it happen. We stand ready to work with all of our elected leaders to enact this long overdue reform... Continue »