Eric Byler and Annabel Park are local documentarians who have taken on the immigration debate in a unique, in-depth and innovative way. Their latest film, 9500 Liberty, documents the intense debate over immigration in Virginia's Prince William County when it, in Park's own words, "passed a local ordinance that was... Continue »
Every weeknight, CNN airs one full hour of Hate TV -- it's called, "Lou Dobbs Tonight." For 260 hours every year, Dobbs has a bully pulpit from which to spew race-baiting, fear, and intolerance, stamped with the CNN seal of approval. Continue »
Watch out, FAIR. The faith community has been flexing its muscle throughout September with one goal in mind: bringing humanity back into the immigration debate. And the momentum is most definitely building. Earlier this month, religious leaders holding a prayer vigil on Capitol Hill calling for an end to hate... Continue »
UPDATE: Last week, over 5,000 emails were sent to the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, which has helped delay Alonso's deportation. In the following video message, Alonso thanks his supporters for the work they've done so far, and what it is that they can do to help... Continue »
Only 1 week old, our campaign to air a hard-hitting new Lou Dobbs television ad on CNN has already raised about a third of the $16,000 dollars needed. These contributions have come directly from hundreds of everyday people who are fed up with the hate speech on CNN. Check out... Continue »
Some of us already knew this, but the fact that good immigration policy also boosts the middle class is a myth-buster that bears repeating, as well as a new report by the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI). Immigration Impact argues: The myth that immigration is bad for U.S.... Continue »
Today Democracia Ahora released a new report on their newly-launched website Check it out:"Latino Leaders and their Opinion of CNN's Lou Dobbs." According to the Politico: "The results of the report are not surprising – 90 percent of the interviewees believe Dobbs is helping create a negative image... Continue »
Today, Politics Daily captures the push and pull on Democrats and Republicans regarding Latinos and immigration politics, with Simon Rosenberg rightly cautioning Democrats that inaction will not be cost-free:"The disappointment of Latino voters will be profound" if immigration reform doesn't happen next year, NDN president Simon Rosenberg, whose group... Continue »
Earlier this week, Senator Grassley (R-IA) pulled a Wilson. He claimed that the Baucus health insurance reform bill did not include sufficient provisions to keep undocumented immigrants from accessing care under the proposed health insurance reforms, as if we hadn't had enough GOP immigration wedge politics in one... Continue »
Update: Alonso is still facing deportation and needs his supporters to call Senators Cantwell and Murray asking them to introduce a private bill on his behalf. Continue »