New Feature: Must Read News Roundups on Immigration, by America's Voice Founder and Executive Director, Frank Sharry. So lots happened last week – an eventful meeting last Thursday with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano at the White House produced a number of mixed reactions, some hopeful and some cynical. Here... Continue »
For the 130 immigrant advocates, business and labor leaders, and law enforcement representatives, who met with Janet Napoitano yesterday, the urgency for real reform is clear.Here are four video responses from attendees at yesterday's White House meeting on immigration reform. I took these videos directly after the meeting,... Continue »
Well, this ought to be interesting. In a couple hours, I'll join Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and 130 immigrant advocates, business and labor leaders, and law enforcement representatives to discuss immigration policy at the White House. This meeting comes amidst a growing chorus... Continue »
President Obama is citing the Healthcare debate as a reason for postponing immigration reform until 2010. But in the interim, the White House is laying the groundwork for an enforcement agenda by expanding programs such as 287(g), Secure Communities and e-Verify, amidst a growing matrix of detention centers. Anti-immigration... Continue »
You've probably heard by now that officials at the White House are convening a meeting tomorrow on immigration. The White House is hosting a discussion with advocates, religious groups, businesses and law enforcers as part of an effort to bring all parties into one room. Homeland Security Secretary Janet... Continue »
Success! Herta will not be deported today, and ICE (the agency that decides deportation cases) received 9 inches of faxes in support of Herta remaining in America! The fact that ICE responded to an outpouring of support is fantastic news, and we are deeply relieved for Herta and her... Continue »
Today marks the start of two full weeks of action, prayer, and protest on immigration. People of faith and community leaders from across the state will join immigrant advocates from my organization, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), to mobilize for just and humane immigration reform--... Continue »
Eight years ago, Herta Llusho came with her family to the US from Albania-- when she was just eleven years old. Herta's family came for the reason most immigrants do: in pursuit of the American dream. Today that dream has become a nightmare. Herta is due to present herself... Continue »
Yet another reason many advocates are outraged with the current immigration enforcement system. Today, the New York Times reports that one in every ten immigration detainee deaths goes unreported on the ICE "death roster," with the grisly death total now at 104 - a significant increase from the 90 that... Continue »
Arizona law enforcement is once again spending precious time and resources protecting the community from dangerous criminals. On Tuesday, Walt Staton was sentenced to 300 hours of community service and one year of probation. The crime? Dangerous water bottle violations. Continue »