The media is starting to tell it like it is, and the Nativists are getting even more restless. In “Leader says FAIR is no hate group,” FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) President Dan Stein takes issue with a recent article by the Frederick News-Post Online, chronicling the quiet, but sinister, rise of hate groups across the country. FAIR was founded by a supporter of eugenics, John Tanton, with funds from the Pioneer Fund, a foundation committed to the belief that some races of people are genetically and intellectually superior to other races. Tanton continues as a leader of FAIR and sits on its board of directors.

“To witness what is happening in Arizona and remain neutral is to be implicated in human rights violations that are occurring right here on U.S. soil against migrants. History will not be kind to Joe Arpaio. He will be remembered with other infamous sheriffs like Bull Connor who subjugated and terrorized communities for shortsighted political gain. I hope everyone will join me in protesting Sheriff Joe.” If you are infuriated about what Joe Arpaio is doing in Arizona, forward the petition to bring Joe to Justice to ten friends today.

In her testimony before Congress yesterday, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano stated that she expects ICE actions at work sites to focus on employers “who intentionally and knowingly exploit the illegal labor market.” During the hearing, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) questioned the tactic of workplace raids and emphasized that legal residents and American citizens are often caught in the Agency’s large-scale sweeps and held for ten or eleven hours in dehumanizing conditions. The best way to respect our values as a nation is to move away from these types of showy, failed enforcement tactics that only exacerbate our nation’s immigration crisis.

In Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s world, if you are an immigrant detainee, you should be marching in chains to segregated “Tent Cities” in the Arizona desert, surrounded by electric fencing. Well, together with the House Judiciary Committee and a wide range of civil and human rights organizations, we’re shouting, “Not so fast!” Thousands of protesters will convene in Phoenix at the end of the week to rally for justice, and we are only 2,000 signatures away from 10,000 on our petition to the Department of Justice.

Even as President Obama delivered his first up-beat address to the nation, the Seattle Times was reporting the first workplace immigration raid under the new administration. It happened in Bellingham, Washington, last night, and served as a sad wake up call to immigrant communities. While we came to expect these failed tactics from the Bush Administration, we do not expect an Administration that campaigned-and won the lion’s share of the Latino vote-on a platform of Hope and Change to continue them.

It’s been a good while now since we announced that the confirmation of Hilda Solis (D-CA) as Secretary of Labor had been postponed. We reported on how the administration had to appoint an interim secretary because the pro-worker, Latina representative’s confirmation was being blocked by partisan bickering. Well, today America’s Voice happily applauds the confirmation of Representative Hilda Solis, a strong advocate for all workers and a champion of comprehensive immigration reform, as Secretary of the U.S. Labor Department.

Misplaced priorities don’t come cheap. “The country is filling the federal courts and prisons with nonviolent offenders. It is diverting immense law-enforcement resources from pursuing serious criminals � violent thugs, financial scammers � to an immense, self-defeating campaign to hunt down … workers.” This, even as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency’s budget spiked to $218 million last year (up from $9 million in 2003).

This just in. Below is the new membership of the House Immigration Subcommittee, decided today: Lofgren � Chair, Berman, Jackson Lee, Waters, Pierluisi, Gutierrez, Sanchez, Weiner, Gonzalez, Delahunt

Today the LA Times is reporting that only 99% of foreign-born and 88% of native- born Latinos think immigration is a big deal. Wait a minute, does that seem like a lot to anyone else? The issue is that Latinos no longer think immigration should be the next president’s number one priority, according to the article, “In poll, Latinos put economic recovery over immigration reform.” Well, yeah. There’s this little thing called the economic meltdown to deal with first.

Just last week, Senator Ensign stated: “We have to reach out to Hispanics. ” Rather than lend a helping hand to children in need, however, Senator Ensign had scathing remarks for immigrants in today’s SCHIP debate. Via the AP: “We are giving more incentives to folks to come to the United States […] to get on the government dole.” Here’s a tip for Sen. Ensign when he goes on his Hispanic outreach tour: you might want to start with not demonizing their children.