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With The Clock Ticking, A Nevada Family Fights To Stop A Deportation

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Meet Christian Hervis-Vazquez, a caring father, loving husband, and active member within his community in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Back in 2010, Christian was charged with a DUI – a charge that would have an immeasurable impact on his his life, and consequently, that of his family. Fortunately, the incident that took place back in 2010 did not lead to any damages in property or injuries to any person area.

You see, Christian is undocumented and could be deported any day now.

Despite having completing all of the necessary courses surrounding his DUI and paying his fines, couple with his immigration status, Christian was picked up outside of his house by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents as he left to work one morning.

Now, as he waits final removal from the United States, Christian is set to be deported from his three U.S. citizen children, his wife, and the community where he volunteers his time and talents as a foreman.

And yet, there is some hope – as Christian’s wife, Viviana, has launched a petition effort on his behalf and is seeking support from members of the community in order to help keep her husband home.

Moreover, “USCIS has already approved his immigrant relative petition,” according to Peter Ashman, Christian’s attorney, “Christian is eligible for a green card if ICE would cooperate.”

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Click here to help stop Christian’s deportation. Tell ICE not to tear apart another immigrant family.

When I spoke to Viviana last week, she mentioned that she feared Christian’s deportation would result in her raising three children on her own:

“I currently suffer from fibromyalgia, and I fear that if Christian is deported back to Mexico, I will be left alone in this country to raise the kids alone.”

Furthermore, all three of Christian’s kids continue to ask about when and if their father is coming home. Again, Viviana shares moments from her current day to day:

“My husband is a loving and caring father. Our three children constantly ask about when their father will return home.”

As previously mentioned, it is expected that Christian will be removed any day now. Viviana are asking everyone they know to please help Christian return to them:

“I am hoping that people are able to look past his mistake, and see him as a human being. He is a father, a husband, a son, and friend. Nobody is perfect, and I know that he is very sorry for what he did. I just want my husband at home with his family, surrounded by those who love him.”

You can help Christian and his family by signing the following petition. As a last plea for support, Christian’s wife has asked us to share with everyone the following video, where Jayden and Melanie, two of Christian’s kids, ask for their father to be returned to them.