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Supporters of Pastor Max Send Video Messages to President Obama Asking Him to Stop Max's Deportation

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In addition to the 42,000 people that have signed petitions to stop Max’s deportation, supporters of Pastor Max are recording their own videos asking President Obama to keep Max’s family together.

Here’s what started it all. Pastor Max’s wife Gloria and their four children, pleading to President Obama to let Max return back home to Iowa where he belongs:

David Boshart serves as executive conference minister for Central Plains Mennonite Conference


Roger Farmer, the Chairman of the Outreach and Service Committee of Central Plains Mennonite Conference, recorded this message:

Shana Peachey Boshart the Conference Minister for Christian Formation at the Central Plains Mennonite Conference recorded this video:

Rochester Mennonite Church appeals for the release of Max Villatoro:

Here’s Susan See, a piano teacher at the Mennonite School in Iowa City:

Aliese Gingerich of Iowa City recorded this message:

Rachel Halder from Iowa City heard Max speak at his church. She recorded this message:

Pam Gerig-Unruh said this:

Alyssa Rodriguez from Iowa City who is a friend of the Villatoro family said this:

Faye Gerig in Marengo, IA said this:

Leo Rudolphi of Marengo, IA:

Levi from Iowa City:

Pastor Tamara Gill from Wayland, Iowa:

Pastor Kelly Slagel from Wayland, Iowa:

Renea Reichenbach speaks in support of Max Villatoro:

Geraldine Rixe:

Dr. Robert D. Pusey:

Gerry Klopfenstein, former pastor of Wayland Mennonite Church, speaks in support of Max Villatoro and to stop his deportation:

Wendy Pusey, a member of Wayland Mennonite Church, speaks in support of Max Villatoro and to stop his deportation:

Candi Schmieder, the Director of Enrollment at the Iowa Mennonite School:

Martha Yoder:

Timothy Detweiler:

Keith Slater:

Anna Geyer:

Cassidy and Anne from Wellman, Iowa:

Friends and classmates of Pastor Max’s son:

Jim from Washington, Iowa:

Enrique, Pastor Max’s nephew:

Josh from Wellman, Iowa:

Marcus from Wellman, Iowa:

Payton from Kalona, Iowa:

Rachelle Luitjens, Pastor of Sugar Creek Mennonite Church in Wayland, Iowa:

Leigh Ann from Newton, Kansas:

Jane from Kalona, Iowa: