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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: Deportations Up; Support for Obama Cracking; Reid, Pelosi Talk DREAM

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Following a story in yesterday’s Washington Post, the Spanish-language press leads with new numbers showing that deportations are still higher under the Obama administration than they were under Bush–while a new poll shows that the president’s majority support among Latinos is threatened by a split in assessment of his job performance on issues important to the Latino community.And the Democratic leaders of both houses of Congress will meet today to discuss prospects for the DREAM Act.

Deportations up. Outlets including news agency EFE report on the rise in deportation rates under the Obama administration. As the Washington Post reported yesterday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) expects to deport 400,000 people in fiscal year 2010—10% more than were deported under the Bush administration in 2008, and 25% more than were deported in 2007. La Opinión (Los Angeles) analyzes how deportations have become a lucrative industry.

Support for Obama cracking. The AP releases the results of a joint AP/Univision poll showing that Hispanic support for President Obama remains significant—57%–but has begun to show “cracks.” Fewer than half of Latinos, 43%, agree that Obama is effectively addressing the issues that matter to the Hispanic community; 21% disapprove of his job performance, and 32% are unsure.