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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: Cinco de Mayo at the White House; City Councils Reject SB 1070

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The Spanish-language press covers yesterday’s Cinco de Mayo celebration at the White House. Meanwhile, the outcry against Arizona law SB 1070 continues, with city and state governments condemning the law.

Cinco de Mayo at the White House. The media pays particular attention to President Barack Obama’s remarks. The president said he wants to “begin work” on immigration reform this year. Reuters, Yahoo, EFE, BBC Mundo, El Financiero, La Jornada, starMedia, and Ocho Columnas have more on the story.

City councils reject SB 1070. The city councils of Boston (La Opinión), West Hollywood and Oakland (EFE), Tucson and Flagstaff (AP) have all passed resolutions condemning Arizona law SB 1070. BBC Mundo and Tribuna Latina report that the New York Senate has passed a sweeping resolution against any “anti-immigrant” bill, a move El Diario-La Prensa (New York) applauds in an editorial.