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Mark Krikorian Reminds Us Why Latino Voters Have Rejected Candidates that Listen to Him

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Yesterday, speaking with New Orleans radio talk show host Garland Robinette, Mark Krikorian, head of the anti-immigrant think tank Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and the intellectual author of the “self-deportation” strategy, offered a fresh reminder why Latino voters have rejected candidates and parties who listen to him.

According to a transcript and recording of the interview obtained by Right Wing Watch, Krikorian says, “Hispanics as a whole are the biggest supporters of Obamacare, are big supporters of gun control, are opposed to reducing the size of government.  Native-born Hispanic Americans, who make up most Hispanic voters, have a majority of the children that are born to them are illegitimate, very high rates of welfare use.  So this is a description of an overwhelmingly Democratic voter group. Not all of them, obviously, because there’s a big group and there’s a lot of differences among them.  But generally speaking, Hispanic voters are Democrats, and so the idea of importing more of them as a solution to the Republican Party’s problems is kind of silly.”

Silly?  Look who’s talking.

Last year, Krikorian crowed when Mitt Romney adopted the “self-deportation” strategy, and just last week Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Jeff Sessions (R-AL) invited Krikorian to be a witness at a Senate Judiciary hearing where Kirkorian once again reaffirmed his commitment to the “self-deportation” approach, a strategy he came up with in the first place.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

This kind of  dog whistle demagoguery is the very reason the GOP is alienating the fastest growing groups of voters in America. That leading GOP senators such as Grassley and Sessions continue to call Krikorian and his faux conservative teammates at CIS to testify shows just how deep the hole is that they’ve dug for themselves.  Immigration reform may be a way for Republicans to start crawling out of the hole, but as they say, first you have to stop digging.