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ICYMI: Univisión’s Jorge Ramos Tells House Leaders, Delaying Immigration Reform Would Be “An Unacceptable Excuse”

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In a blistering column, Univisión’s Jorge Ramos makes it clear that he and other leaders in Spanish-language media are going to continue to shine their spotlight on Congress until the House schedules a vote on a path to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans this year.

In today’s La Opinión, Ramos splinters the latest process excuse from opponents of immigration reform: Congress is too busy dealing with Syria and other issues to also tackle broad immigration reform (translation by America’s Voice):

In this globalized world, there will always be an international crisis at hand. But that shouldn’t paralyze us. The youth of today are experts at multitasking. They do plenty of things at once. (The other day I stumbled upon some friends of my children watching television, playing videos on their iPads, texting on their cell phones, eating junk food and talking in two languages. All at the same time.) The members of the U.S. Congress have a lot to learn from their kids.

Delaying the debate over immigration reform because of the conflict in Syria is simply an unacceptable excuse. Truly important things should not be delayed. Syria and immigration can, and should, both be discussed and resolved before the year ends. At the end of the day, this is Congress’ job.

The votes exist today in the House to pass immigration reform that ends the deportation nightmare faced by so many American families.  It’s clear that Ramos, one of the most influential voices in Latino politics, will not stop raising the issue and pressuring both parties to act until Congress schedules that vote this year.