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At DC Rally, DREAMers Get Spat On, Shoved, Told To “Go Home” By Donald Trump Supporters

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Donald Trump’s Washington D.C. rally today — held in opposition to President Obama’s Iran deal — marked one of the ugliest events of the 2016 Presidential election yet.

The rally was already notable for featuring some of the who’s who of anti-Muslim extremists — including one activist who once claimed that “every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim” — but the day took an even uglier turn when Trump supporters verbally and physically attacked DREAMers protesting his racist rhetoric.

From United We DREAM:

United We Dream members from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. wearing t-shirts saying “I’m fighting for my parents” were spit on, yelled at with derogatory slurs and shoved by Trump supporters in the crowd hostile crowd.

Astrid, one of the UWD members at the rally, said “I was spit on, yelled at and pushed around by Trump supporters today – it was shameful.”

Members of UWD, as well as Spanish-language media, captured the confrontation in tweets and videos:

UWD’s Mario Carrillo captured Trump supporters screaming “Go home!” at DREAMers:

Another series of photos shows another Trump supporter pulling a DREAMer’s hair and leaving her in tears.

In a second video, another Trump supporter fumes with anger when he finds out the reporter he’s talking to is from Univision.

Just days ago, Trump infamously evicted Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from his Iowa press conference. Outside the venue, a supporter then yelled, “Get out of my country!” at the Emmy-winning journalist.

At the same rally, 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin compared members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement — a movement sparked by the shooting deaths of unarmed Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement — to dogs.

As for Trump, he quickly retreated to the basement of the U.S. Capitol with Senator Jeff Sessions, one of the loudest anti-immigrant voices in the Senate (and advisor when it came to designing his mass-deportation plan).

Noted Mario: