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21: Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) Latest to Come Out in Favor of Citizenship; Activists Thank Pete King for Support

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This morning we wrote about Rep. Daniel Webster, a Republican Congressman from Florida who over the weekend told the Orlando Sentinel that he was in favor of immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

Today, during a town hall event in Illinois, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) agreed to support immigration reform with a path to citizenship for the 11 million.

Here’s what Rep. Schock said:

For those who are counting (and we are definitely counting), Schock is now part of a group of at least 20 other House Republicans who support immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  That’s more than the number of Republicans that would be needed to pass an immigration reform bill through the House–if John Boehner gave us a vote.

In related news, Rep. Pete King (R-NY), one of the 21 House Republicans who support citizenship, was welcomed back to his district today when Long Islanders convened outside of his office to thank him for supporting immigration reform.

At the event, Pete King reaffirmed his commitment to immigration reform and citizenship, according to Make the Road New York.  As King said:

I am appreciative of the warm welcome back to my district from my constituents, many of whom care deeply about immigration reform. Our country needs common-sense immigration reform to fix our broken immigration system. A complex problem requires a comprehensive solution, including strong border security and a path to citizenship.

Here’s a Twitpic of the celebration: