***Media Advisory*** Tuesday, June 13 1pm EST DIAL IN: 203-518-9713; PASSCODE: “REFUGEE” PRESS CALL: Immigrant and Faith Leaders, Policy Experts, Advocates and Local Civil Society Organizations Call on the Trump Administration to Reassess Northern Triangle Policy Washington, DC – Ahead of the conference co-hosted by the United States and... Continue »
***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Tuesday, June 13 11am EST Capitol Visitor Center Room: SVC 215 Livestream: http://americasvoice.org/Livestream PRESS EVENT: Ahead of Father’s Day, Rep. Pallone to Join Immigrant Families and Leaders to Call on Trump and Sec. Kelly to Stop Destroying Families A livestream of the event will be available here Washington, DC... Continue »
***Media Advisory*** Wednesday, June 7 1pm EST DIAL IN: 785-424-1675; PASSCODE: DACA PRESS CALL: Jessica Colotl, DREAMer Whose DACA was Revoked Arbitrarily by Trump Administration, Joins Rep. Gutiérrez, Legal and Immigration Experts to Discuss Her Story and DACA Under Trump Washington, DC – Tomorrow, June 7 at 1pm EST,... Continue »
Media Advisory: Press Call on Texas Anti-Immigrant Bill Texas Advocates, Elected Officials Host Emergency Media Call In Response To Signing Of Texas Anti-Immigrant Bill Speakers to explain how SB4 will hurt immigrant communities and plans to fight the law In response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s signing of SB4,... Continue »
***PRESS CALL*** TODAY, April 26 3pm EST DIAL IN: 888-632-3385; PASSCODE: “JEFF SESSIONS” PRESS CALL: Ahead of AG Sessions Visit, Long Island Community Leaders Stand United In Support of Their Community and Against Sessions-Trump Hate Long Island, NY —Ahead of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ visit to Long Island, NY,... Continue »
***PRESS CALL*** TODAY, April 27 12pm CT / 1pm ET DIAL IN: 888-632-3384; PASSCODE: “TEXAS SB4” PRESS CALL: Texas Leaders Condemn Draconian State Legislation That Will Increase Racial Profiling, Undermine Public Safety and Persecute Immigrants and Immigrant-Friendly Communities Texas Seems Intent on Becoming the Next Arizona The state of... Continue »
***PRESS CALL*** Wednesday, April 26 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT DIAL IN: 888-632-3381; PASSCODE: “FUNDING” PRESS CALL: Activists Behind the Grassroots Push to Oppose the Funding of Trump’s Deportation Force and Border Wall to Keep Up Pressure as Spending Deal Nears In early April, CREDO, United We Dream, ACLU,... Continue »
***PRESS CALL*** TUESDAY, April 25 11am EST DIAL IN: 877-876-9176; PASSCODE: “DHS REPORT” PRESS CALL: Legal Experts and Advocates to Analyze Progress Report on Trump’s Immigration Policies Washington, DC — One of President Trump’s anti-immigrant, un-American Executive Orders, signed on January 25th, 2017, called for a 90-day progress report... Continue »
***PRESS CALL*** Friday, April 21 1pm EST / 10am PST DIAL IN: 877-876-9177 ; PASSCODE: “IMMIGRATION” Weekly “Office Hours”: Trump’s First 100 Days on Immigration —  Resistance and Litigation in Review Washington, DC — Tomorrow, Friday, April 21 at 1pm EST, litigators and immigrant advocates will gather on a... Continue »
***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Thursday, April 13 3PM EST / 12PM PDT DIAL IN: 1-800-894-5910; PASSCODE: ‘IMMIGRATION’ PRESS CALL: Domestic Violence Survivors, Prosecutors, and Advocates to Speak Out Against Trump Administration’s Targeting of Victims and Witnesses Washington, DC — Last week, DHS spokesperson David Lapan defended enforcement actions against immigrants who... Continue »