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New York Times: Students in Legal Limbo After Immigration Fight

In addition to the Washington Post’s piece on DREAM eligible youth in JROTC today, the New York Times’ Julia Preston took a long look at where students who fought for the DREAM Act are now, and the challenges they face:

It was exhilarating for Maricela Aguilar to stand on the steps of the federal courthouse here one day last summer and reveal for the first time in public that she is an illegal immigrant.

“It’s all about losing that shame of who you are,” Ms. Aguilar, a college student who was born in Mexico but has lived in the United States without legal documents since she was three years old, said of her “coming out” at a rally in June.

On Immigration Reform, Democrats Told, “Listen to Your Base”

Markos Moulitsas, founder and publisher of Daily Kos, has a stark political analysis of immigration reform for Democrats in, “Dems, listen to your base:” Of course, if the Democratic-controlled Congress did what was popular, comprehensive immigration reform would have been passed and signed into law last year. A reform package that legalizes only those undocumented immigrants who learn English, pay a fine, and have a clean criminal record polls off the charts.

Mainstreaming the Extreme: Attack on Constitution May Prove Disastrous for GOP

If you’ve been paying attention to the politics of immigration this month, you’ve probably noticed:

1) GOP state and local officials, joined by Republicans in both the House and Senate, are trying to mainstream an extreme push to repeal the 14th Amendment. So much for being defenders of the Constitution, eh? The main targets of this push would be, of course, babies.

President Obama Issues Challenge on Immigration Reform, Key to “Winning the Future”

During the first half of his State of the Union address last night, President Obama argued that “winning the future” would be impossible without fixing immigration. He made the case for both the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform, and challenged the new Republican leadership to step up to the plate to find real solutions.

Immigration & the State of the Union? Apparently, There’s an App for That

Vivir Latino expressed low expectations for the treatment of immigration reform at tonight’s State of the Union address. America’s Voice founder Frank Sharry has made his suggestions here. Now, via Rachel Labruyere at Reform Immigration For America, there’s a new way to register your opinion during tonight’s State of the Union address — apparently there’s an app for that.

Immigration Policy Center: Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) in Trouble With the Facts

In response to a recent Roll Call article calling out the nativist lobby, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith wrote a letter to the editor making a series of claims—many of which he’s been making for the last 20 years—which simply don’t stack up to the facts. These myths also conveniently obscure the lack of any denial of ties to the nativist lobby. While many of Smith’s easy-to-swallow myths may stir the extreme end of a conservative base, they serve as a yet another distraction from having an open and honest immigration debate.

Nebraska State Patrol Investigating Threatening Immigration E-mails After Arizona Violence

After Saturday’s horrific tragedy in Arizona, there have been several reports of threats and violent rhetoric directed at members of Congress and legislators across the country. Unsurprisingly for those of us who have followed the red-hot immigration debate in this country, some of these threats have been coupled to calls for hard-line immigration enforcement and “taking our country back.”

King Dethroned from Immigration Subcommittee Chair, but GOP Policy Remains the Same

Steve King was dethroned because even the House Republican leadership must realize that comparing immigrants to livestock and suggesting we keep them out with an electric fence is offensive to Latino voters. But, he’s simply been demoted from king to prince, and together, with Lamar Smith and Elton Gallegly, will lead the deportation caucus in the House. Until the Republican Party actually changes position on immigration, their ugly faces will still define them.”

Shorter Steve King

Here’s a shorter Steve King (R-IA) from yesterday:

White babies in dumpsters = health care reform

Dumping on brown babies = immigration reform

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