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A Teenage Refugee in North Carolina Needs Your Help

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Wildin Acosta is a teenage refugee who fled gang violence in Honduras at the age of 16. He is set to graduate from high school in June and plans to enroll at Durham Tech and become an engineer.

However, Wildin was recently targeted by immigration officials as part of DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson’s  effort to “crack down” on families and children fleeing violence in Central America and faces imminent deportation.

The Obama Administration is trying to make a lesson out of Wildin in order to prevent other young refugees from coming to the United States, but Wildin’s teachers, friends, and family members are rallying to stop his deportation and have been successful so far. But — that all could quickly change.

Despite the overwhelming support from his community, DHS has decided to move forward with Wildin’s deportation.

However, if we can flood Jeh Johnson’s office with calls of support for Wildin, we may still be able to stop his deportation.

Please call DHS immediately at 202-282-8203 and tell them to stop Pedro and Yefri’s deportation!

Here’s what to say once you are connected.

Hello, I am calling to ask DHS to stop the deportation of Wildin Acosta (A# 206-799049). Wildin is a bright young man who is about to graduate from High School in North Carolina, and does not pose a threat to national security, border security, or public safety! If DHS deports Wildin back to Honduras, they would be sending him back to the violent conditions he sought to escape from. Please stop the deportation of Wildin immediately!

After you make your call, please send us a message to tell us how it went.